Management Dashboard

Do you struggle with critical information stored in different locations? Our management dashboard gives you actionable insights that are easy to understand.

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construction management dashboard Software


With Construction Forecasting Software, costs and revenues is simple and quick to give accurate cash flow forecasts for individual projects and the entire company.

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construction cost forecasting

Daily Cost Tracking

Construction Cost Tracking Software: Our mobile app makes it easy to capture costs as they are incurred, and keep dockets, purchase orders and supporting documentation organised.

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Construction Cost Tracking Australia

Progress and Variation Claims

Generate reliable construction progress claims in minutes that you and your customers can trust. Status of claims is visible to management teams to ensure they are generated and approved on time.

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Construction Progress Claims Australia


Construction Cost Reporting Software: All data collected within Varicon can be generated as a report in minutes and exported in excel format.

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construction reporting software

Managing Dockets

No more “the washing machine ate my docket”. With Varicon’s mobile interface it’s easy for front-line construction workers to capture dockets. Dockets are automatically reconciled with purchase orders and contract line items ready for your finance team.

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construction dockets example

Construction Timesheet Software

Construction Timesheet Software: Each employee can easily enter their time and breaks in the mobile platform. Labour costs are reconciled against project line items and information sent to payroll from within the platform.

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construction time tracking software

Accounting Integrations

Accounting Integrations System Software: Easily reconcile between field cost reporting and issued invoices. Integrate with leading ERP / Accounting systems via direct integration or .csv upload*. *API integrations coming soon for leading accounting systems.

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Civil Construction Accounting Integrations Software

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