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Varicon replaces your existing paper-based and Excel based cost management systems with an easy to use web and mobile interface. Costs are captured on the spot, and you can say good-bye to manual entry of data into systems that don’t talk to each other. Varicon saves project managers hours every day that can be spent on dealing with the unique day-to-day challenges and forward planning.

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Save time

Varicon’s mobile interface simplifies the process of capturing project cost data and supporting information.

Manage more projects

Varicon puts much of the day-to-day cost management challenges into the hands of supervisors and foremen with our easy to use mobile interface, so you don’t need to be physically on site to keep on top of things. The project dashboard gives you a quick overview of your most important metrics.

Speed up approval of claims

Progress and variation claims modules make it easy for you to generate claims and for your clients to approve them. Spend less time on claims and get paid faster.

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