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Welcome to the Construction Progress Claims hub. At Varicon, we believe in simplifying the construction progress claims process to empower contractors and clients. In our commitment to transparency and efficiency, we are delighted to offer you a free Construction Progress Claim Template. This comprehensive template is designed to streamline your documentation process, enhance communication, and ensure a smoother progression of your construction projects. By providing this template, we aim to support the construction community in delivering successful and well-documented projects.

Construction Progress Claims Template

Discover the advantages of our Construction Progress Claims Template:

1. Efficient Project Management

Our Construction Progress Claims Template is a valuable tool to enhance project management efficiency in construction endeavors. It provides a structured framework to organise and document crucial project details, ensuring that you can navigate your projects smoothly.

2. Clear Milestone Tracking

The template aids in maintaining a transparent record of project milestones. With a systematic layout for tracking progress, you can easily visualise and demonstrate the key stages of your construction project. This clarity is beneficial for both internal teams and external stakeholders.

3. Effective Communication

Foster a collaborative environment between contractors and clients by utilising our template. It serves as a common platform for communication, allowing all parties involved to understand and discuss the progress made during each phase of the construction project. This transparency helps in building trust and cooperation.

4. Dispute Prevention

One of the significant advantages of our template is its role in dispute prevention. By providing a standardised format for documenting work completed, the template minimises the potential for misunderstandings or disagreements. This structured approach enhances clarity and reduces the risk of disputes arising between project stakeholders.

5. Time Savings

Our template is designed with efficiency in mind, helping you save valuable time in the documentation process. The organised format eliminates the need for creating documentation from scratch, allowing you to focus more on the actual project tasks and less on administrative work.

6. Stakeholder Alignment

The Construction Progress Claims Template ensures that all stakeholders, including contractors, clients, and any other relevant parties, are on the same page throughout the construction journey. Consistent and clear documentation fosters alignment, preventing confusion and promoting a unified understanding of project progress and status.

If you want to learn about best practices of progress claims, explore our bloge “Get Paid Faster with Progress and Variation Claim best practices”.

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Using Our Free Construction Progress Claims Template

1: Download and Customise

Begin by downloading the Construction Progress Claims Template from our website. Customise the template by adding your company details, logo, and any specific fields relevant to your claims process.

progress claims free Template

2. Fill in Project Information

Input essential details such as project name, location, and client information.

progress claim construction template

3: Add Terms and Conditions

Specify the contract terms, including the start date, completion date, and any relevant milestones.

progress claim template construction

4: Review and Send

Outline the work completed during the billing period, providing a clear and detailed description of each task.

construction progress claim template

5: Add Supporting Documents

Attach any necessary supporting documents, such as invoices, receipts, or photos, to substantiate your progress claims.

construction progress claim template excel file

6: Submit Your Progress Claims

Submit the finalised progress claims to the relevant parties for approval, keeping a copy for your records.

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