Real-time Cost Management Insights at Rainbow Group


Rainbow Group has a rich 30-year history in the civil construction space, contributing to Sydney’s skyline with projects like the ongoing Atlassian Tower construction. While their growth trajectory was impressive, it brought about complexities in cost management that their traditional financial systems couldn’t handle.



With the company’s expansion came the pressing need for a more robust financial management system. The legacy methods — heavy on paperwork and Excel sheets — were becoming increasingly cumbersome and were not able to provide real-time, critical data, impacting decision-making and efficiency.



Rainbow Group sought a solution that could cater to the unique demands of civil construction cost management. The company discovered Varicon, promising real-time data analysis and an operational focus tailored for the construction industry.

“With our business growing, we got to the point that we couldn’t keep on top of things anymore using Excel.  Varicon gave us the visibility we needed across all of our projects, and has eliminated this as a barrier to our future growth.” – General Manager, Rainbow Group.



The transition to Varicon required significant shifts in company culture and processes. The management team faced the challenge of integrating Varicon’s systems into daily operations and ensuring staff buy-in.



Post-Varicon implementation, Rainbow Group observed marked improvements. Project budgeting accuracy increased, financial projections aligned more closely with actual outcomes, and strategic planning was based on reliable data.

The impact was substantial:

– 30% reduction in time spent on financial reporting.

– 30% improvement in budget accuracy.

– 3 hours saved per week in data management.



Varicon has been instrumental in transforming Rainbow Group’s approach to financial management. With real-time insights, the company is now poised to tackle new challenges and grow with confidence.

“The insight that Varicon has provided us is unparalleled. It has not just saved time, but it has allowed us to be proactive rather than reactive.” – General Manager, Rainbow Group.



Varicon is a leading financial management tool designed specifically for the civil construction industry, providing real-time cost tracking and management insights to drive business growth and efficiency.

Rainbow Group

Rainbow Group, a leading Sydney-based civil construction contractor, faced significant challenges in managing project costs amidst rapid expansion. The adoption of Varicon, a tool designed specifically for the civil construction industry, revolutionised their financial tracking and management processes, leading to tangible improvements in cost management and decision-making.

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Key attributes

The Impact


Efficient Financial Reporting

With Varicon, Rainbow achieved 30% reduction in time spent on financial reporting

Construction Progress Claims

Reliable Cost Tracking

Rainbow improved their budget accuracy by 30% by using Varicon and eliminating double handling of data

Purchase Order

Reconciliation Efficiency

With Varicon, Rainbow streamlined this cost management process and is saving on average 3 hours per week on each project

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