The Old Way of Paper Timesheets

Civil construction has long been reliant on paper timesheets. Familiar and straightforward, they’re a traditional touchpoint everyone understands. Yet, as with all legacies, time has revealed their flaws.

The hidden costs of manually processing these sheets has become more apparent, as has the inefficiencies and governance challenges. In an age where timely data and effective cost control are becoming paramount, these paper relics pose clear obstacles to civil contractors. For the leaders in the industry, this is where Mobile Timekeeping and Automated Payroll come into play. These tools bridge the gap from job site to office – streamlining your operations, eliminating costly errors, and supercharging productivity. Statistics from accounting software provider QuickBooks reveal that companies using mobile timekeeping saw a 30% reduction in labour costs and a 25% uptick in productivity. This is an area that civil contractors can realise quick improvements to your business bottom line.

Benefits of Switching from Paper Timesheets to Mobile Timekeeping


Resistance to Change

The reality is that any change comes with a cost, and rightly civil contractors should question whether the switch to digital is worth it. In the past, paper based processes “worked”. The reality is that this was true in a world where all contractors had to live with these costs. The reality now is that the companies that get left behind will be bearing costs that their competitors are not.

This transition isn’t about just adopting new technology; it’s about embracing efficiency and accuracy. With the introduction of digital technologies like mobile timekeeping and payroll automation, the civil construction industry has gained a more streamlined future.

Introduction to Mobile Timekeeping and Payroll Automation

What is Mobile Timekeeping in Civil Construction?

Mobile timekeeping replaces outdated paper based timekeeping systems. With the help of mobile timesheet apps, civil construction companies can effortlessly track and record employee work hours on construction sites. With a simple workflow for clocking in and out, tracking breaks, and geo-tagging, it ensures precision and accuracy and timely data. This has allowed Varicon customers to say goodbye to the hassle of manual paper timesheets or punch cards. Mobile timekeeping gives companies real-time data that seamlessly integrates into automated payroll systems.

What is Automated Payroll?

Imagine a system that takes the headache out of paying your hardworking employees. Automating payroll replaces manual data entry by a person with a connected, automated workflow. Payroll automation ensures that your people are paid correctly every time while reducing manual time by over 70%, giving employees feedback on the status of their submitted timesheets and ensuring you comply with your legal requirements. In civil construction, these systems are customised to meet the unique needs of our industry, especially those tricky pay rules and data entry headaches. Whether it’s hourly wages, overtime rates, or specialised union scales, automated payroll has got you covered. It ensures that your employees get paid accurately for the hours they put in.

The Benefits Revealed: 5 Key Advantages of Mobile Timekeeping and Automated Payroll in Civil Construction

For the civil construction leaders who embraced this shift, the advantages were significant. Here are the five ways Mobile Timekeeping and Automated Payroll can transform your civil construction projects:

  1. Real-time Data Capture and Accessibility
  2. Proper Governance and Approval Process
  3. Payroll Automation
  4. Streamlined Cost Management
  5. Increased Employee Satisfaction

1. Real-time Data Capture and Accessibility

Picture this: your construction crew logs their hours, and their tasks in real time using their smartphones or tablets. No more scribbling on paper timesheets or wondering who clocked in when. Real-time data capture reduces errors and prevents time theft. Your supervisors and managers have instant access to crucial data, allowing them to track progress, monitor labour costs, and make informed decisions on the spot.

2. Proper Governance and Approval Process

Incorporate a robust governance and approval process with mobile timekeeping, and you’ll avoid overpayments for hours not worked. It’s not just about going digital; it’s about transforming how you manage your workforce. Designate supervisors or project managers to oversee approvals, creating a clear hierarchy for decision-making. This streamlined workflow prevents payroll processing delays and project management hiccups. According to Quickbooks, employees using mobile timekeeping apps were 45% less likely to over-report their hours compared to traditional paper timesheets.

3. Payroll Automation

In the quest for efficient payroll management, one may face many obstacles. Complex pay rules, varying pay rates, and overtime can all be daunting and confusing challenges. The combination of mobile timekeeping and automated payroll systems is a powerful tool that can aid you on your journey. With these tools at your disposal, you can easily track work hours and distribute paychecks without the need for manual data entry. The journey is not without its rewards – accurate data collected through mobile devices will save you time and effort. The apps can calculate hours worked, pay rates, and overtime, ensuring that your employees receive their just rewards on time and without errors. The magic of automation will not only save you time but also minimise the risk of payroll discrepancies and disputes, leading to a more harmonious work environment.

Payroll Automation with Varicon

Payroll Automation with Varicon


4. Streamlined Cost Management

In civil construction, we deliver projects under tight budgets and deadlines. This is where Mobile Timekeeping and Automated Payroll can help your quest for success. With their powerful insights into labour costs, you can manage your budget efficiently and reliably.

As a project manager, you will gain access to real-time data on labour expenses, allowing you to make informed decisions about resource allocation. And when the winds of budgetary danger blow against you, you can adjust your course on the fly to prevent cost overruns. With Mobile Timekeeping and Automated Payroll, you can ensure your labour costs are being managed according to best practice.

5. Increased Employee Satisfaction

The easiest way to upset your employees is to mess up their pay. With manual management of payroll it is inevitable that this will happen occasionally. Automation is the most effective way to eliminate human error in repetitive processes like payroll management.

A connected cost management solution like Varicon also keeps employees informed – before payroll they can identify any issues with their approved time so you can resolve them before they get paid.

The Success Story of Collective Civil

Collective Civil, once buried under paper timesheet woes, sought a new way with Varicon. Their results were nothing short of transformative. Payroll administration time dropped by over 50% in just two months of adopting Varicon’s Mobile timekeeping app and payroll automation software. The era of frequent disputes seemed like a distant past, replaced by a surge in employee satisfaction and trust in the payroll process.

Your Digital Future

This is not a vision of a far-off dream, but the reality when using best in industry construction cost management tools like Varicon. With data-driven efficiencies, cost savings, and a renewed focus on what matters most, civil construction is set for unprecedented growth. Civil construction’s future is digital, efficient, and promising.

Don’t be left behind; embrace the change. Partner with Varicon and let’s ensure you don’t get left behind. Book a demo today!

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