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Since 2012, Grand Civil have been a leader in the civil construction industry in Queensland and New South Wales. The team at Grand Civil pride themselves on providing high quality,
innovative solutions to their customers across the rail, water and sewer, roadworks and subdivisions sectors.

In line with their commitment to innovation and operational excellence, Grand Civil sought to streamline their internal processes using the leading software solutions for civil contractors. Varicon was engaged by Grand Civil to streamline their cost management processes with a solution designed for the needs of the civil construction industry.



Dealing with fast operations and complexity in civil construction

Grand Civil’s operational landscape was one of complexity and changing conditions, requiring meticulous attention to detail and coordination between the office and the jobsite. Despite their
robust expertise in civil construction, the company grappled with the cumbersome process of managing project costs and ensuring timely communication of critical data. The reliance on
traditional methods and the need to work alongside their accounting software, Xero, led to a significant duplication of data and a disconnect between onsite activities and office management.

Grand Civil’s connected cost management needs

The pivotal moment came when Grand Civil recognised the pressing need for a seamless solution that could integrate effortlessly with Xero, thereby enhancing their project cost management and eliminating data redundancy. What they needed was to find a system that not only simplifies data capture at the job site but also connected their cost management, payroll, accounts payable and contract management systems.




Making cost management easy with Varicon

Grand Civil selected Varicon as the best fit for their civil construction cost management in the market. Grand Civil chose Varicon due to its simplicity (especially for field users) and the manner in which it connects their systems to eliminate duplication of date, reduce errors and speed up transfer of data between the job site and the office.

Elements that were of particular importance to Grand Civil were:

  • Simple Data Capture: Enabling on-site staff to complete and approve timesheets, receive materials deliveries, capture equipment costs, and complete the site diary with ease.

  • Connected System: Bridging the gap between cost management, payroll, and accounts payable to significantly reduce data duplication.

  • Real-Time Visibility: Offering a bird’s eye view of project costs and operational metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making.

  • Automated Payroll Calculations: Streamlining the construction payroll process and seamlessly importing data into Xero.

Leading cost management change at Grand Civil

The integration of Varicon into Grand Civil’s operations was a journey of adaptation and learning, transitioning their entire team from the old, disconnected systems that had previously served them well, to a new connected solution that will serve them into the future.

Working together, Grand Civil’s leadership team and Varicon’s dedicated customer support team sold the need for change to the whole organisation, and provided training and support for a successful rollout.  With Varicon’s phased rollout approach, Grand Civil were able to realise early gains without overwhelming their team.



Grand Civil now enjoy a well established, connected cost management system across their business.  Among the benefits achieved by the team at Grand Civil are:

  • Time-Saving in Payroll and Accounts Payable

  • Reduction in Time to Get Information from Jobsite to Office

  • Improvement in Visibility Across Project Costs

Grand Civil’s new normal

Armed with Varicon connected cost management, Grand Civil emerged more robust and efficient. In keeping with their commitment to operational excellence, and strong leadership, Grand Civil have simplified their team’s day-to-day reporting, saved precious time and gained previously unavailable insights into their business performance.

Grand Civil

Established in 2012, Grand Civil has set the standard in civil construction across Queensland and New South Wales. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, the team at Grand Civil specialises in offering cutting-edge, high-quality solutions in the rail, water and sewer, roadworks, and subdivisions sectors.

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