Women in Construction Week, observed during the first week of March each year, is a significant event rooted in the efforts of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). This annual celebration originated from NAWIC’s advocacy for gender equality and recognition of women’s contributions within the construction industry. It’s a time to celebrate diversity, empower women, and highlight their achievements in a traditionally male-dominated field. This blog explores the significance of Women in Construction and offers creative ways to honor and support women in construction.

The Importance of Women in Construction

Historically, construction has been perceived as a male-dominated industry. Construction remains Australia’s most male-dominated industry, with a mere 12% of the workforce identifying as female. Additionally, less than 2% of on-site roles are occupied by women. These figures underscore the urgent need for action to address systemic barriers and promote inclusivity within the construction sector. However, women have been breaking barriers and making strides in various roles within the construction sector, including architects, engineers, project managers, tradeswomen, and more. Their contributions are essential for driving innovation, fostering diversity, and addressing the industry’s labor shortage. Let’s explore practical ways we can celebrate and support women in construction, fostering a more inclusive and equitable industry for all.

Celebrating Diversity with Inclusive Hiring Practices

Women in Construction Week provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate the diversity of talent and expertise that women bring to the construction industry. It’s a time to acknowledge and appreciate the unique perspectives, skills, and experiences that women contribute to construction projects. By embracing diversity and promoting inclusive hiring practices, construction companies can foster creativity, improve decision-making, and create more inclusive work environments. This includes actively seeking out and recruiting women for various roles within the industry, implementing equal opportunity policies, and providing support and resources for women to thrive in their careers.

Recognising Achievements

It’s essential to recognise and highlight the achievements of women in construction. This can be done through various initiatives, such as featuring profiles of successful women in the industry, sharing success stories of women-led projects, and organising award ceremonies to honor outstanding contributions. By showcasing these achievements, we inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in construction and break down gender barriers.

Promoting Mentorship and Leadership

Mentorship plays a crucial role in supporting the advancement of women in construction. Companies can organise mentorship programs that pair experienced professionals with aspiring women in the industry. This helps provide guidance, support, and opportunities for career development. Additionally, promoting women into leadership positions within construction companies sends a powerful message about gender equality and creates role models for future generations.

Supporting Education and Training

Education and training are vital for empowering women to succeed in the construction industry. Companies can partner with educational institutions and organizations to offer scholarships, apprenticeships, and training programs specifically designed for women. By investing in education and training, we can help women acquire the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in construction careers.

Encouraging Community Engagement

Women in Construction Week is also an excellent opportunity to engage with the community and raise awareness about the importance of gender diversity in construction. Companies can organise outreach events, such as job fairs, workshops, and networking opportunities, to connect with women interested in construction careers. Additionally, participating in community service projects demonstrates the industry’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond construction sites.

Creating Safe and Inclusive Work Environments

In addition to celebrating the diversity of talent and expertise that women bring to the construction industry, it’s crucial to prioritize the creation of safe and inclusive work environments. Women in Construction Week provides an ideal opportunity to underscore the importance of promoting women’s safety and well-being on construction sites. One practical measure to ensure a safe working environment is the provision of separate facilities, such as women’s toilets, on construction sites. This not only addresses the basic needs of female workers but also contributes to their overall comfort and dignity. Furthermore, it’s essential to conduct training sessions for all workers, including male colleagues, on respectful and inclusive behaviors in the workplace. By raising awareness and fostering a culture of mutual respect and support, construction companies can create environments where all employees feel valued, safe, and empowered to excel in their roles.


Women in Construction Week serves as a reminder of the progress we’ve made in promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the construction industry. By celebrating women’s achievements, supporting their advancement, and advocating for equal opportunities, we can create a more equitable and thriving construction industry for future generations. Let’s continue to celebrate and empower women in construction not just during this week but throughout the year.